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タイトル:いけ花と日本画の花鳥画表現 "Ikebana and the Expression of Flowers and Birds in Japanese Painting."  発表者:楊喩淇(ようゆき)(京都芸術大学博士課程) You Yuki, PhD candidate, Kyoto University of Arts.

  • Date: 15/01/2022 02:00 PM - 15/01/2022 03:30 PM
  • Location: Online Event


You Yuki will talk about "Ikebana and the Expression of Flowers and Birds in Japanese Painting." Yuki is a PhD candidate at Kyoto University of Arts. 

Presentation in Japanese with English summary.

When: 2 ~ 3:30 PM, 15 January 2022 (Japan Time)  

Venue: Online

MC: Shoan Lo

Introduction:  Dr Osamu Inoue - President of International Society of Ikebana Research, Associate Professor, Kyoto University of the Arts

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発表者:楊喩淇(ようゆき) (京都芸術大学博士課程)




司会: 井上治(国際いけ花学会会長、京都芸術大学准教授)

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