Nishimura Ryoko
Kyoto, Japan

Ryoko Nishimura is a Japanese flower artist based in Kyoto city. She stays true to ikebana with a long history in Japan.
In 2012, she held flower exhibition with the concept of ikebana on a stream used to be a canal in Kyoto to bridge the gap between the traditional ikebana and modern lifestyles. In 2015, it was held flower exhibition on a canal in front of Amsterdam national museum with a support of AFK”Amsterdam found if Kunst(=Art)”. The flower work extended over 60 meters with roses, peonies, and hydrangea. It appeared in some newspapers there.
After back to Japan, she decided her two missions. First, telling ikebana with authentic styles with true history. Second, looking for a way to enjoy ikebana in modern lifestyles. Today, she holds not only an exhibition, gives lessons and lectures.

2012年には、京都高瀬川であった生け花をコンセプトに、伝統的な生け花と現代のライフスタイルのギャップを埋める花展を開催。 2015年には、AFKの支援を受けて、アムステルダム国立博物館前の運河で花の展示会を開催しました。バラ、牡丹、アジサイを用いた60メートル超の作品は、現地の新聞にも掲載されました。