Silvana Mattei
Ohararyu, Rome

Silvana Mattei.  Sub-GrandMaster Ohara School of Ikebana


1977 Diploma liceo scientifico – Science High School Diploma

1979 Graduated  as Herbal Practitioner at the Chemistry University of Urbino.

1981 Diploma magistrale – Teaching Diploma

1998 Obtained Certificate in Garden Design with the Award Grade of Distinction at the English Gardening School- London-.

Languages: Italian, Spanish, English and a little French.

IKEBANA (abridged version)

In 1975 at the very young age of seventeen started studying Ohararyu Ikebana with the late Jenny Banti Pereira (Order of the Precious Crown (宝冠章, Hōkan-shō  and  MEIYO ICHIJIKIN of the Ohara School ). This was the first step that has led her to deepen  the studies on Ikebana and Japanese culture.

( 1985 to date ) Attended several workshops in different European countries (EOTA Seminars) held by Japanese teachers.

Attended many  teacher’s seminar in Japan  and studied among others with  Prof. Kayoko Namba,  Mrs. Ryusui Takahashi, Prof. Kanamori and  Ass. Prof.Akihiro Nishi.

In 1982 she became a member of the Centro Italiano Ikebana and for several years she was a  member of its Board. She was its Vice-president for three terms.

From 1983 to present has been teaching regularly in Rome, where she still teach regularly, and has held workshops and courses in several Italian cities (Bari, Naples, Perugia, Livorno, Milan, Bologna, Lecce and Rieti).

From 1985 to present she has been giving demonstrations and lectures on Ikebana for public institutions and private associations all over Italy.

From 1985 to present has been an EOTA (European Ohara Teachers Association ) member.

In 2001 she made ikebana compositions for the set of a short film that was chosen by the foreign press for the “Globo d’Oro” prize.

From 2003 to present has been teaching Ikebana at Studio Arti Floreali.

She is, together with the late Mrs Banti, one of the founders of Studio Arti Floreali, a cultural association which aim is to propagate the culture connected to nature, gardens and flowers and is a member of its Board where she is in charge of matters connected to Ikebana and Gardens.

In 2008 the Headmistress of the Ohara School of Ikebana Ms. Wakako Ohara granted her the First Master diploma.

In January 2009 she has been appointed Group Leader of the newly created “Ikebana Ohara Alto Lazio and Umbria Study Group” by Mrs Wakako Ohara  ( that was interim Headmistress of the Ohara School at the time) of which she is still the Group Leader.

In 2011 she conceived, designed and directed an Ikebana seminar specifically designed for GUCCI international store managers. The event involved around 400 people from all over the world divided into 12 groups headed by an Ikebana teacher under Silvana Mattei’s  supervision .

In 2013 was one of the promoters of the newly created Ikebana International Rome Chapter and was appointed as a President ( from 2013 to 2015).

In 2014 she has been granted the Sub-Grand Master certificate and at today she has the higher diploma of the Ohara School in Italy.

From 2015 to present has conceived and organized the cultural event "Hanami at the Botanical Garden of Rome" every year. The event sees the participation of the Embassy of Japan and the patronage of the Japanese Cultural Institute of Rome.

It is an annual event whose purpose is to spread and make known the Japanese arts and culture  in the beautiful setting of the Japanese garden of the Botanical Garden of Rome the during the cherry blossom period.

Exhibitions, Lectures and Demonstrations

1989 until today she has held Ikebana demonstrations in several Italian museums (MAXXI in Rome, Scuderie del Quirinale, MUDEC Milan, Botanical Garden Museum in Rome, Museum of Oriental Art of Rome) and has exhibited her arrangements in many ikebana exhibitions held at the Japanese Cultural Institute, at the Botanical Garden of Rome and in other Italian cities.

For his 40 years of Ikebana he exhibited his works in a solo exhibition:

"WA": seeking harmony.

40 years of ikebana of Silvana Mattei at the gallery Studio Arti Floreali in  Rome.

With increasing frequency, she is asked to carry out conferences and demonstrations in order to make this ancient Japanese art known and popularized throughout Italy at prestigious public institutions and cultural associations.

Activities abroad:

She is also called to hold conferences and workshops in several European countries:

April 2009 Workshop  for the Netherlands Ikebana Ohara Netherlands Chapter.

May 2014, May 2015, May 2016 May 2017 London. Workshop for the Ikebana Ohara England Chapter.

September 2017 La Rochelle (France) Lecture for the European Association of Teachers of Ikebana Ohara (EOTA).

October 2017 Frankfurt. Workshop  and lecture for the Frankfurt Furyu Ikebana Ohara Study Group.

April 2019  La Rochelle (France) Lecture for the European Association of Teachers of Ikebana Ohara (EOTA).

January 2021 Online lecture and demonstration on Shō-chiku-bai for the Hyderabad Ohara Chapter

December 2021 Online lecture and demonstration for the Delhi Ohara Chapter

Rome December 2021