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Listed ikebana events are organised by ISIR members. These events are to promote ikebana to the wider community.

  • Date: 1/01/2023 12:00 AM
  • Location: To Be Announced


1. Events listed here have to be:

a) ikebana related, 

b) public,

c) organised by ISIR members, and 

d) conducted within one year.

2. Each ISIR member can submit up to 4 events per year for free. ISIR associate member can submit one event per year for free. Contact ISIR if you want to submit more. 

3. How to submit your event: Send application form in this link,

4. ISIR may edit the contents of your submission, or may change the image you sent. ISIR may not accept your event for various reasons.

5. ISIR will not reply to any inquiry about the events listed here. ISIR is not liable to any loss or damage related to the events listed here.