Finalists for the Ikebana Gallery Award 2021

The Ikebana Gallery Award Committee is pleased to announce that the following 5 works have been selected as finalists in the Ikebana Gallery Award 2021.

Congratulations to the students whose works have been selected!

The finalists' works have been sent to our expert judges. The winner will be announced within a few weeks. To receive update notices, simply like the Ikebana Gallery Facebook page.

We are very fortunate to receive great support and advice in our selection process from Associate Professor Osamu Inoue, Kyoto University of Arts. Dr Inoue is a prominent Ikebana artist and researcher, and the president of International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR). Dr Inoue's recent publications includes "Thought of Ikebana" (「花道の思想」思文閣出版  ) . Dr Inoue noted that the finalists this year have achieved a high degree of perfection, while each work has its own merit such as managing colours, designing the base of the arrangement (the point where flower & container meet), and overall dynamism.    

Ikebana Gallery Award - For all Ikebana students around the world


↑ 1. Kateryna Bilotserkovets (Ukraine)

↑ 2. Katerina Baranova (Ukraine)

↑ 3. Isabel Worner (Spain)

↑ 4. Lidia Poklyatska (Ukraine)

↑ 5. Sabena Cheong (Hong Kong)