How to Obtain A Copy

International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR) welcomes new members who are interested in Ikebana research.

- Each member will receive a latest copy of ISIR’s annual journal, International Journal of Ikebana Studies (IJIS).
- He/She can submit articles to the journal and can apply to give presentation at our conferences.
- Annual fee for oversea members is from ¥3600 (annual membership fee ¥2000 plus handling & postage).

¥3600 - Asia
¥4300 - Oceania & North America
¥4500 - Europe & South America

How to join ISIR

1. Check the details in Regulations and other pages in this site.
2. There are 2 options to pay your membership fee of ¥3600 / ¥4300 / ¥4500

a: Paypal:
Type 3600 / 4300 / 4500 yen on the first page, and follow the on-scree instructions.

b. Bank Transfer: Refer to the following information.
Bank: Japan Post bank
Branch No: 468
Account name: Kokusaiikebanagakkai
Account No: 1774901

3. Send an email to Please include the following in the email.
a. Your postal address
b. Your name
c. Your occupation/affiliation
d. Date you transferred the fee

4. Receive the latest copy of IJIS. If you don't receive our journal in one month after your payment, please send an email to
5. Join ISIR's mailing list. Register your email address in this site.


- Your membership fee includes the fees for a copy of IJIS and its postage.
- Your annual membership expires on March 31 each year. Please renew it annually.
- We welcome anyone, not just our member to become a follower. Join our mailing list and receive our latest news for free.
- Due to COVID 19, there is a delay in international post.