Vol.1 (2013)

Contents: IJIS.1cont.pdf

Message from the board of directors for International Society of Ikebana Studies


KOBAYASHI Yoshiho, The History of Ikebana Part 1: Ancient to Edo Period

INOUE Osamu, Guidelines for Novices in Kado

SHIMBO Shoso,Ikebana_in_the_Expanded_Field(1)_Hiroshi_Teshigahara_and_Contemporary_Art.pdf


WATANUKI Toyoaki, “Irihana Kuden syo”


Syuho, Japanese Ikebana in the world

Rita Paredes-Barros de Salazar, The meaning of Ikebana in my life

Leonard Lim, Kado - The way of the flower

Emmanuelle Dupere, Kado, a way of life 

Ohryu Rekha Reddy, My Ikebana Life-connecting with a divine hobb

Round-table talk

Where to from Now? Directions in Ikebana Studies

Reports of regular meetings

Regulations, Contribution rules