Vol.2 (2014)

Contents: IJIS.V2.Final.pdf



KOBAYASHI Yoshiho  The History of Ikebana Part 2

: Modern to the Contemporary Period         

INOUE Osamu  Nature_and_Art_in_Ikebana.pdf                              

Philip Flavin  Zukushi-mono : Oral Literature and Music                   

TSUJI Yasuaki  A Study of the Ikebana Course Programs in the Early Radio Age

 : Functions of a New Media in the Spread of Culture          

HIDA Norio  Flower Shops of Kyoto during the Edo Period                 

UENO Kohei The Body as a Medium for Spiritual Communication

: Ikebana as Self-Cultivation       



WATANUKI Toyoaki  The Sho Ogasawara School’s 

Shutusjin gaijin rikka hiden         

Bibliographical Essay

SHIMBO Shoso  Ikebana in English:Bibliographical Essay   



OGISU Mikinori  Traditional Horticultural Plants in Japan                  

HIBI Yoshitaka  Ikebana in the Desert : A Cultural Activity in Japanese       

American Concentration Camps During WWII               

NAKAMAE Masashi Ikebana Stories as the Foundation of Ikebana Culture    

KOBAYASHI Yoshiho  Seeking Senkei : Ikebana Maser               

Lee Moore Crawford  A Communion with Nature                      

Anna Rose Caro Budich  There is Always Room for Learning New Things    

NOZAKI Shinichiro  Ikebana and Manga          


Reports of regular meetings